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  • Twenty First Century "Queen Anne Cottage" Victorian with Nineteenth Century qualities: ( 2BR 1BA + )
  • Lath and plaster keeps noise between rooms down.
  • Forced air natural gas furnace
  • Full sized rooms with eleven foot, three inch ceilings
  • Extra room for storage in rear
  • Closets lined with shelves, shelves lined with anti-slip matting or paper
  • "pass through" hutch for service between kitchen and dining room
  • Stained Glass and Leaded Glass* Windows
  • Heavy weight shelving, for bulk food storage- in kitchen, where it's needed
  • European quality appliances include:
    • Consumer Reports "best buy" German dish washer by Bosch is so quiet you can't tell it's on, leaves dishes sparkling.
    • Twice fired porcelain deep double well sink from France means you don't have to use scouring powder to clean, includes food disposal.
    • Italian faucet adds to nice décor
  • Renovated throughout:
  • Kelly Moore fresh paint on all painted surfaces, inside and out.
  • Brand new stove, kitchen floor, counter and molding
  • Carpets "Chem-dry" cleaned and free of pet hair, 3 rooms
  • New back door keyed to front with deadbolts (dog door available)
  • All windows covered, most have blinds AND drapes
  • Built-ins include ironing board, broom closet, three hiding spaces (maybe more) six windows that open are greased with bees wax for smooth operation, storage in every room (except living room) with extra storage including heavy weight shelving in kitchen.
  • Partially furnished with furniture in every room, even bathroom:

Living Room: Stained glass bay window, futon sofa and chair, two lamps, two bookshelves, coffee table, classic rug with non-slip matting, strip rug, pet/baby gate available.

Hall and Dining Room: Formal dining table with 4 chairs, extra table, built in shelves in hutch with mirror, tall bookshelf, "Karastan" inch thick carpet in both rooms. (brown)

Bedroom: Full sized 9 foot long headboard with mirrors, drawers and fold down shelves, 6 shelf earthquake resistant storage in corner, full length mirror mounted in closet door, shutters on both windows, two closets, one walk-in with three layers of shelving, wire shelf, "Karastan" thick carpet (blue)

Bathroom: full bath with built in shelves, medicine cabinet decorated as part of nineteenth century original house, extra cabinet, shower massage head over tub, place to hang hair dryer next to wall outlet

Office/Gym: Eight custom installed sturdy shelves built into side of linen closet that provide a perfect place for books, walk in closet with shelf, computer stand that has all the features you need, computer chair, wall mount stand can hold 135 pound TV set, two anti-slip floor mats, drafting table and high chair, all on top of very fine thread thick weave carpet (magenta)

Kitchen: brand new floor professionally installed and lined with hardwood mop-board. New stove, counter, as new sink, all wood old fashioned high gloss varithane finished table and chair, refrigerator, microwave oven. Extra shelving installed during renovation includes glass door enclosed cabinet for dishes. Broom closet and ironing board, pantry with overhead storage, light under sink, counter top over full set of drawers, exhaust fan empties house of hot air at night

Additional Information:

  • Extra storage closet on partially enclosed rear porch, wind chime and stairs
  • Huge avocado tree provides 30 feet of deep shade for summer barbeques.
  • Shared laundry and back yard with tenant in second unit downstairs.
  • Plenty of rock-free prime soil for your garden in back yard
  • Videophile? sit in the cat bird's seat! Your ultimate signal source dream of access to free signals from C band satellite dish. Pay for directv and dish network, if you want them (access is free). State of the art in digital television access, free-to-air, including out-of-market signals from Sacramento (coming soon).

House comes with a heart to bring good fortune, fully landscaped with sidewalks, hedges, and of course, a white picket fence.

*LEAD HAZARD – there is a leaded glass window in dining room with lead separations between glass panels, tenant must not allow children to touch this glass, which is up high.


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