Welcome to Cathy’s Village!

Cathy’s Village is an experienced school and daycare home that provides an exceptional foundation for child development – academic, social, emotional and physical fitness – to enhance your child’s future Kindergarten and classroom experiences, lifelong learning, and development.

We take care of your child and provide the best learning environment possible for your child’s first educational experience. We introduce your preschooler or young child to the magic of learning and help them develop a lifelong quest for knowledge.



We provide a safe and secure environment for your child’s needs. Up to date license and safety training documents are always available to obtain to satisfy any concerns you may have. You may view the directory and download any document you wish to see Here


With over 30 years experience in child development, your child will receive the care that stands the test of time. Cathy’s Village is always up to date with the most current standards and tools available. We are also certified in many types of subjects for a complete curriculum for your child. Additional certifications and qualification documents can be found in the same directory as the safety documents Here


At Cathy’s Village, we strive for open communication and participation with the child’s family/friends. Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter, Register with your invite code, or participate in our forums! We look forward to hearing from you!